Container Door

Container Door

Frame and blade are manufactured using 1st class quality galvanized sheet.
  • It provides heat and sound insulation thanks to the rockwool filling and the wick that is turned around the case.
  • 2 anti-theft non-directional hinges are used.
  • In order to eliminate the direction problem, our standard doors are manufactured as non-directional.
  • It is possible to manufacture in any size suitable for the projects. (Standard Size: 6 x 102 x 210 cm )
  • It can be manufactured as thick and thin overlap. (Our standard doors are offered with thin rebate.)
  • It can be painted with electrostatic oven paint in any color. (Standard color: Ral 9002 (White)).
  • The doors can be used with all kinds of accessory groups.
  • All joints have a solid and rigid structure since they are made using welding, spot and clamping system.
  • It is wrapped with transparent stretch film and made ready for shipment.

Usage Areas: Containers, prefabricated structures, steel structures